Multisectoral space – SDGs Manabí

Greenearth Ecuador has participated since 2018 in the conformation of the multisectoral space for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the province of Manabí. This initiative was promoted by the NGOs: Grupo Faro and Futuro Latinoamericano, which have carried out this project thanks to the promotion of the European Union International Cooperation. Within this initiative we have participated in several workshops. In December 2019, a Fair was held in which institutions, NGOs and private entrepreneurs showed their contributions to Sustainable Development Objectives, from their areas of action. Greenearth Ecuador participated as a support in the general organization and maintains expectations about later stages that may be developed in the future.


Visit of students from the Samael school of Quito

On May 19, the private reserve of Pacoche received students from the Samael school of Quito, Ecuador. With great emotion they had the opportunity to walk through their paths. They learned about the biodiversity of the place. They learned about the importance of its conservation. Above all, they learned about the need to become agents of change. Throughout their journey, they were accompanied by several families of howler monkeys, who, with their naughty jumps amused and surprised the boys.

Mingas por el Mar

The private reserve of Pacoche receives Mingas por el Mar, in its initiative to train local businesses and conercial spaces that wish to adhere to the campaign “no straw please”, launched at the provincial level. With great pleasure we received them and shared our good practices adopted few months ago. We also shared several initiatives of various enterprises that seek to replace plastic that are already on the market.


Bioentrepreneurship Fair

Greenearth Ecuador participated in the Bioentrepreneurship Fair organized by the University Eloy Alfaro of Manta and the Ministry of the Environment. During the day, the authorities made the official launch of the Tree Planting Plan. A local traditional dance ensemble from Manabí was presented. Greenearth Ecuador had the opportunity to show the public the research project in which it is immersed.

Ocean’s Day

Girls from the Pacoche Community together with young children from other communities of the Coastal Marine Wildlife Refuge Pacoche had the opportunity to participate in a Painting Contest to celebrate the World Oceans Day. This event organized by the Ministry of the Environment and with the participation of Greenearth Ecuador took place in the Community of San Lorenzo.


Environmental Awareness

Last Friday, July 22, Greenearth Ecuador, together with the Ministry of Environment carried out an environmental awareness campaign in the community of Pacoche. The afternoon’s objective was to raise awareness about the importance of solid waste management and to initiate actions in favor of the environmental control of the community. As part of the sensitization program, a number of activities were carried out, among which, girls and adults members of the Girl Scout Association of Ecuador sang the theme “Verde Manzana” (“Green Apple”) by Ricardo Williams. This song expresses the importance of environmental education for the permanent care of the natural wealth of our country.
Another outstanding activity, in charge of the Ministry of Environment, was a puppet show that represented well-known species of the area such as the howler monkey, the blue-footed booby and the green turtle. Each of these species has faced a threat caused by solid waste contamination in the forest, beach, and sea. These species were rescued by “Salvador”, a committed person from the community that allowed them to recover their habitat.
Greenearth Ecuador held a conversation with the community to identify future projects that aim to generate greater awareness and environmental responsibility for the entire population. One of these projects will be a campaign with the purpose of separating and classifying waste from the community. This activity is already partially done, since all the organic matter generated is used to feed the animals in the area. Training people in communities is part of the United Nations initiative within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The participation of the community is of vital importance so they can be prepared and take action toward the effects of climate change in a resilient way.

Howler and Capuchino Monkeys

The Ministry of the Environment, alongside the College of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of San Francisco in Quito, is conducting an investigation in order to monitor the presence of various primate species on the coast of Ecuador. This research aims to identify and evaluate current primate populations and the vulnerabilities that they face. To achieve this goal, permanent observations of both howler (Alouatta palliata aequatorialis) and capuchin monkeys (Cebus aequatorialis) will be conducted by monitoring various zones.
This investigation will take place in the Pacoche private reserve (The Greenearth Foundation), located in the Pacoche Marine Wildlife Refuge, and protected by the Ministry of the Environment. Within the reserve, a group of 10 individuals has been identified, in addition to approximately 10 primate groups ranging from 8 to 10 individuals calculated to inhabit surrounding areas. This research will consist of studies regarding spatial distribution, group composition, primate behaviour, visual evaluations, among other themes.
Stella de la Torre, Dean of the College of Biological and Environmental Sciences and principal investigator of this initiative, alongside students from the University of San Francisco in Quito, will carry out this study in collaboration with the surrounding communities of Puyango, Lalo Loor and Pacoche.
These initiatives will contribute to the advancement of research and action plans to promote the sustainable development of the area and its communities.